Improved SNMP Zabbix 2.0 Template for QNAP devices


A similar template is available on Zabbix Share. Plasea ignore mine and use the “community” one, posting questions on the forum.

I'm just keeping the above information for historical reasons. :-)

QNAP Zabbix 2 Template

I have created an improved version of the SNMP QNAP Template for Zabbix 2.0 available on-line. This new template is still based on SNMP, but has the following features:

  • Autodiscovery of Disks, Volumes, Network interfaces and Fans
  • Numerical values stored as real number
  • Triggers for multiple issues: lack of remaining disk space, hostname change, interface status change, reboot, high temperature, and cpu load too high
  • Graphs for network traffic

It has been tested with TS-200, TS-212P, and TS-569/569L.

To install the template, first create a Value mapping named “QNAP Drive Status” with the following values:

5=No Disk
9=Read/Write Error

Then import the improved QNAP template and apply it to your NAS. That's all.

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